Oct 17, 2008

moving pictures

Time to try out video...from a few recent walks, nothing too exciting.
We call them walks, but they do a fair amount of running.
Oct 13th. Nice day.

Oct 6th. The woods are infested with dogs.

Sept 3rd. I love it when they listen.

Oct 16, 2008

wet dog season

You have to keep a good pace to keep ahead of the mosquitoes.
The dogs don't mind.
beautiful Shirley leads some young'ins:

This picture is from the end of September.
ten dogs wading where the road used to be:

The 3 newbies are doing great, growing fast. Rumsfeld is handsome, but such a crybaby! He has light colored eyes so we've renamed him Reggie -after Paul Newman's character in Slapshot. Maybe it will toughen him up. The next picture is the only one of him in this post because he doesn't like to go on walks. Once the girls are healed we'll have more time to work with him.
Reggie and Tuesday pose:

Gowron and Tuesday leave their brother at home:

G and Tuesday race:

Gowron loves Miles. Little dogs have to stick together.
fording a puddle:

small in stature:

big on enthusiasm:

Tuesday prefers the company of the bigger girls.
Tue, Bette and Greta:

boundless energy:

she's a sweet, well-built pup:

They get along with everyone but they like each other best.
a pause on the way home:

ready for anything, Tuesday and Fluffy G:

Oct 5, 2008

Sunday drive

We're leaving soon to pick up Al, Lucy, Truman and Maldi. Turns out, Maldi is a boy! Alice and Lucy were a mess, full of nicks, Lucy had a hernia and Alice a cyst on an ovary. They both still had 2 ovaries. Grrr.
At any rate, the trip home is going be nerve-wracking. It is a long, often rough, road. Once we're home, I'm moving into the apartment with them until they recover. Doc said no stairs for 2 weeks. Nothing else to be done about it. We still have 4 left to be respayed and, now that we know what a state their insides are probably in, we don't want to wait. Ought to be done by Christmas. No good deed...

Back home and settled in; at least the truck didn't break down this time. Poor Lucy is so tired. Alice faired better. Maldi is already causing havoc. Truman is ok. The next few days are going to be tough with Lucy. Right now is the lull before the storm. I've had enough blood for today. Here's hoping the night is uneventful. There's an impressive lightning storm to the East, I can see it between the slats of the apartment window.

Oct 2, 2008

life's a beach

The mosquito season is finally here. That is something that just doesn't come across in pictures. The time to begin the long dreaded RE-spayings has also come. Of six dogs operated on last year, 5 have gone into heat. Despite explicit discussions with the vet about this beforehand...he didn't remove the ovaries. The incisions were too large and the recovery time was messy, sleepless and long. A truly miserable and traumatic time was had by all.
We've found a different vet and she
recently and successfully spayed Gracie's seven girls so, we've mustered our courage and scheduled 2 re-dos for this weekend. I'm relieved and dreading it at the same time.
Lucy and Alice are going in first because we can't risk another cycle with them. They go from best friends to, well, crazy bitches. They hate the sight of each other...frothing at the mouth, crazy-eyed, hate each other.
Truman Chapotle is going in for a little trim, too. He is Gracie's only boy. He should be feeling ok by their first birthday, on the 7th.
We wish it had been done earlier but there's nothing that can be done about that now. I'm hoping to get a post up about them before then but my external memory is not feeling well so, no pictorial updates until I can access it. Maybe Sean can work his magic on it. If not, I will be sad. Predictably, my preferred camera is fixed (again) just in time for my memory to fail. September was a bad month for hardware.