Nov 10, 2008

autumn '08

It has been a mellow few weeks. Dogs have been recovering from surgeries, the pack has been remarkably quiet. Muy tranquila. I'd like to think it's improvement, but it's probably a lull. Everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures.
Eve and Bette relax:

Reggie naps:

Alice and Gowron take a break:

Henry and Reggie (I can't believe how big he is already!) lounge:

It isn't all napping. We still make time for walks.
Miles and Gowron follow Sean:

Zasu thinks I'm too slow:

Gracie is recovered and feeling fine:

Zasu, Miles and Gowron stroll:

Reggie, getting some air:

Reggie and his dirty little sister FluffyG:

Gowron, FluffyG, Sweet Pea has many names, but one expression... happy:

still happy:

this was a fun group, Tuesday, Gowron, Miles and Henry:

Tuesday and Gowron, a little puppy fu on the way home:

Nov 7, 2008


Lately flamingos have been in the salt ponds near our house. Maybe the cooler temperature have driven them into more protected waters. We love seeing them on our walks, but it does limit the amount of dogs we can take at once. Some of the dogs go on leashes when there are birds close-by...just in case. We do our best not to disturb them.
flamingos wading:

landing in front of a salt pile:

Lucy and Al on leashes to avoid any unpleasant incidents:

Yucatecan shire:

my #1 assistant Zasu doesn't want to chase big pink birds: